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Southwest Communications is highly specialized in all aspects of telephony communications. Our combined 30+ years of experience and expertise from a design, consultative and support standpoint, allows us to provide each of our clients and prospective clients with the best experience for planning, design, implementation, training and support. 

Every opportunity presents a different set of challenges and requirements. We will work diligently with you to design the right solution for each business environment, and we then create a deployment and support schedule that will allow us to implement the technology to best meet the expressed financial, operational and dateline requirement. 

Design and Implementation Strategy
• Fully understand the business driver behind the need to adopt a new communications platform. 
• Collaborate with the customer to design the most optimal architecture that will serve the immediate needs, as well as allow for seamless integration and scale-ability in the future
• Meet to discuss transition, integration and system deployment
• Submit system deployment schedule
• Implement the new system
• Provide on-site and remote training that is tailored for administrators, receptionists and end-users
• Provide local support to supplement the manufacturer support plan
• Guarantee a truly delightful experience! 

Avaya IP Office, VOIP, IP Camera system, CCTV, Data Rack
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