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Our Services

Wireless Access 

Investing in a Wireless Access Point or WAP can be a game-changer for your business, as doing so will ensure you have a robust Wi-Fi connection everywhere you may need.


Camera Systems

A leading camera system can greatly enhance your business. Use our advanced recorders to view your footage remotely from a PC, cell phone, or tablet. Monitor your business anytime, anywhere, through the live video or recorded footage on your DVR or NVR. Conveniently playback footage by timestamp or detected motion events.


Phone Systems

Business phone systems provide companies large and small with a way to manage their inbound and outbound calls. Their features differ significantly from residential phone systems. A good business phone system must be designed to handle multiple calls at once and transfer calls within the organization.


Network Management 

Network devices are all of the systems that are connected to the corporate network. This includes user workstations, servers, and security solutions like firewalls.


System & Structured cabling installation

SWC will install a managed network in any commercial space. This includes a full IT closet buildout (with redundant ISP connections and an uninterruptible power supply), low-voltage cabling, and as many access points as necessary. If you move or expand into a new space, SWC will grow with you


Server/Equipment Room Clean Up

It doesn’t take long for a server room to turn into a conglomeration of disorganized patch cords. As companies grow, go through changes and add employees adding devices to their network usually comes down to connecting patch cords in the server room with a mind set of getting the equipment up quickly.   Often this means foregoing the cable management system that is in place and just stringing the patch cords from port to port with an “I’ll fix it later” mentality. 

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