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Yealink IP Phone


3CX is an international VoIP IPBX software designed to offer businesses of all sizes a reliable and cost-effective phone system. It supports a wide range of features such as call forwarding, call transfer, conference calling, voicemail, and more. With its easy-to-use web interface, 3CX can be quickly installed and configured, making it a great choice for businesses looking to quickly deploy a VoIP IPBX solution. Additionally, 3CX is compatible with a wide range of phones, allowing it to be easily integrated into existing infrastructure. All these features make 3CX an excellent choice for businesses looking for an affordable and reliable VoIP IPBX solution.

• 2020: Business Software of the Year Award Awarded by PC Pro
• 2017: Business Software of the Year Awarded by PC Pro
• 2015: Price/Performance Value Leadership Award, awarded by Frost & Sullivan

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